Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Safe, Effective Cosmetic Companies

Baby shampoo should be safe. Not toxic.
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
You've read all about the problems with body care products and cosmetics.  
Are you ready for solutions? Check out this list: 

Many of these companies have a wide variety of products.

Two of my favorite companies:
Herban Lifestyles-

Herban Lifestyle If They Bathed at Woodstock Soap
Herban Lifestyles

 & Soap Walla Kitchen-
Soapwalla_Deod-cream 300DPI
Soapwalla Kitchen at Etsy

What have you found that you trust?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lessons Learned...

a fork in the roadPhoto: pipiwildhead
Well. You know what they say about vacations: you go away, get disconnected from your routine and think about your life, your choices and how you're spending the precious time you have left in this life.

That's exactly what's happened with me. After only 6 months of blogging on this topic I'm not 'feeling' it anymore. The change of heart came for me about the 3rd week in September, but it's taken me this long to formulate my thoughts into words.

Some of it has to be because I've found what I needed to find for myself in the way of safe personal care products. Most of the products I use now I make at home for a fraction of the price I was spending before.

Some products I still purchase. Herban Lifestyles' Orange Ginger Beer Shampoo Bar is wonderful. SoapWalla Kitchens' Cream Deodorant beats all the rest. The 3-ingredient version of Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap - and only that version.

The rest I make from ingredients I buy online. Things like pure organic oils: jojoba, neroli, sea buckthorn, coconut and argan; bulk undiluted castile soap, organic golden flax seed and aluminum free baking soda. These are rounded out by my homegrown or farmers' market herbs and the vinegars and hydrogen peroxide available at the grocer.

My hair, skin and face have never looked better. My home is clean (enough... thank you very much...) and I no longer cough, sputter, have to take a break to keep from fainting from fume overload and feel like hell the next day from 'fragrance' and all the other additives.

So here I am. I can't say I'm not going to blog about safe products anymore. I'm sure I will. I just know the drive is gone and I'm moving on to the next phase.  What ever that is ... I'll know when it happens.
I wish you all much success with your searches and journeys. Thanks for reading and supporting me on mine!