Friday, August 12, 2011

Kristen Arnett & The Green Beauty Team

The Green Beauty Team photo

Do any of you follow Kristen Arnett and/or The Green Beauty Team?

I'm a fan. Yeah, I'm completely hooked. I follow them all on Facebook, the Green Beauty Team Newsletter and the Twitter feed.

Kristen, the founder and Editor-in-Chief
is a make-up artist who learned first hand the value of safe simple ingredients. While living and perfecting her skills in make-up and the Italian language in Italy she followed the advice of a model friend and tried olive oil as a moisturizer. She's been finding and sharing green beauty solutions and techniques ever since. 

Her make-up skills and advice are sought after in the fashion and entertainment industries, but it's her recipes, solid information and tips that prompted me to make her the subject of this post.

A few weeks ago she suggested introducing sizzle & spice into my beauty routine with recipes including cinnamon, turmeric and honey. Just reading the post made me feel relaxed and happy... and a little hungry.  A quick check around the house showed me I already had all the ingredients for two of the three treatments in my cupboard and refrigerator This is part of what I really like about her ideas. You can put her yummy ingredients on your face, hair and body. And if some gets on your lips... well that's yummy too.

Another thing that's really great about the team is the amount of information shared. For the Introducing Sizzle & Spice Into Your Beauty Routine recipes there was background information on the main ingredients as well as a link to an entire page on the history and benefits of Turmeric The Age & Acne Fighter.

Ceylon Cinnamon photo
My first instinct- to go for the cinnamon, turmeric and honey facial scrub was based on how happy I feel whenever I smell cinnamon. 

Sweet, yet a little spicy and hot it reminds me of so many things I love: crisp winter days, roasting spices for the traditional Chana Dal on Christmas Eve, chocolate chip oatmeal dough transforming into cookies in the oven and steaming mugs of cocoa after ice skating on frozen ponds all day. 

Although I tried both the face mask and foot scrub and both were really wonderful, the mask was my favorite. Here's why...

As a reminder of my lost battle trimming holly bushes two weeks ago I was wearing quite a few stubborn scratches across my face. No matter what I did they just wouldn't heal. This meant every morning I awoke to blood on my pillowcase and pajamas.

Not only did the cinnamon, turmeric and honey mask close up the scratches completely, i could barely see where they had been! This was after one 20 minute treatment. The rest of my face felt soft and smooth and looked somehow more firm. It was just short of incredible.

I didn't come up with these treatments so I'm referring you again to Kristen and The Green Beauty Team's page for the background and recipes. Don't forget to look around for lots of good ideas and information while you're visiting.

André Pipa photo
 A quick warning.: turmeric has been used as a dye for centuries. It will stain/dye your hair clothes and towels.

If you're not interested in turning your hair, clothes and linens bright yellow remember to use the same precautions these gorgeous women have employed.

Keep the mask away from your hair and clothes and don't use that precious snow white, 100% Egyptian cotton spa towel you love to dry off or wrap up in while you allow the mask to do its work.