Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beauty Products: Curls vs. Scalp

With all the tragic catastrophes and conflicts in the world today and over the past several weeks I feel pretty shallow focusing on things that seem as trivial as my allergic reactions or whether or not I have puffy fluffy hair. My heart goes out to the people of Japan and the Middle East and I pray for peace, resolution and an end to the unconscionable pain and suffering.

Still, as my lovely first boyfriend used to tell me, "some one has to just keep up the task of living..." Not that I forget, its just a change of the immediate focus. That being said I turn my attention to much less weighty matters...

Some products make me have to choose between what's good for my hair and what's good for my scalp. And apparently I'm not alone. Lots of articles and testimonials in the Naturally Curly forums (aka 'Curl Talk') address these concerns.

If this sounds all too familiar to you I've got a few links to get you started- but it's just a few. If you don't the specific topic that interests you try typing in your specific issue here. 

Please just remember that many of the posts n the Naturally Curly Curl Talk forums don't take into account the overall safety of the product, nor the insidious or cumulative effects.

I'd love to hear about your discoveries...

As promised here are the links:

Naturally Curly scalp

Naturally Curly search

Naturally Curly shea butter and jojoba 

Naturally Curly jojoba-oil

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