Thursday, June 16, 2011

Herban Lifestyle Orange Ginger Beer Shampoo Bar Review

OK. I love this stuff.
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First off it meets my basic standard- any body care product I use has to get a Skin Deep's rating of no to low hazard (zero to two).

Second, it works. As in delivers the goods. Does what it says it's going to do.

Orange Ginger Beer Shampoo Bar does meet- and surpass my standards. In fact it raises the bar for other shampoos... Yes, I said it.

So here are the ingredients as listed on the company's website:
Olea europaea (Olive) Oil*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil**, Ricinus communis (Castor) Oil*, Irish Stout from Mad Fox Brewing Company, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oils of Orange and Ginger*, Rosemary Extract / *USDA Certified Organic
**Fair Trade and organic

Here's the hazard score it received after all those ingredients were plugged into Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database:

Data: Limited
Health ConcernLOW
Product Typeshampoo
Made byHerban Lifestyle
Data last updatedMay 2011
how to read the score
The bar has a lovely, slightly spicy orange aroma. A very natural smell, fresh and sweet. And I couldn't detect even a trace scent of the beer (from Mad Fox Brewery a Falls Church, Virginia company local to Herban Lifestyle.

Made from pure organic vegetable oils, it's reported to nourish, not strip the natural oils from your hair. The company claims the oils also preclude the need for conditioner.

And just as claimed my hair felt soft and was bouncy and smooth. Encouraged by this success I tried for the first time in my adult life to forgo conditioner. But that part just didn't work for me. More from my thick, dry, wild and crazy hair than any fault of the shampoo I'm sure. I've always needed something extra to keep my dry waves from boing-ing into the stratosphere. On the positive side once dry my hair was definitely shinier than usual, so I attribute that to the shampoo.

Did I mention I love this stuff?

Just a word about using a shampoo bar...


I gently rub the bar against my scalp to create a smooth creamy lather that feels good in my hands and on my scalp. Herban Lifestyle estimates 40 to 60 shampoos out each 4 ounce bar, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. I've been using my bar for about three weeks and can't even see any difference in the size of the bar yet. I keep it well drained and out of the shower spray to help it last longer.

Being in bar form it's also eco-friendly. No bottle, plastic or glass. It comes beautifully wrapped in nice, thick chocolate-y brown paper that will eventually be recycled after it's taken a turn as a bookmark. Yes the paper is that nice.

At $8.00 for a 4 oz. zero hazard bar it's very reasonably priced. If you're in the Washington, DC or San Francisco area you can find local retailers here. Otherwise there's the shipping which varies depending on the site. Here are some possibilities for that type of purchase.  Here's the Herbal Lifestyle's website and here's the Herban Lifestyle Etsy store.

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This company takes safe products and green living very seriously, but has a sense of humor about itself. They also have a line for men and lots of items to buy as well as put on your wish list.

Take a look at Fuzzy Soap, one of their clever and fun products. It's covered in organic felted wool. As the soap is used up the felting closes more tightly around the bar. Fuzzy Soap comes in several herbal combinations, scents and colors. Now how cool is that?

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This is Mary Kearns the founder and Chief Herban Developer. Beautiful hair, glowing skin. She must be on to something good!

Check out About Us to learn more about Herban Lifestyle and Mary.

Green Lifestyle will give you information about Herban Lifestyle's commitment to green living
Herban Lifestyles donates 10% of  its revenue to charitable organizations. It's approved by DC Live Green, Leaping Bunny and is a Green America approved business.

Yep, I love this stuff.