Thursday, June 9, 2011

hara sport spf 30 Sunscreen Reviewed

picture hara body care
hara sport spf 30 was included in Skin Deep's 2010 "best of" sunscreens and scored a one (1) for risk in their database. That's in very low risk. With only seven ingredients: zinc oxide, olive oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E and priced at $6.99 for 3 oz. it sounded like hara was worth a try.

Skin Deep directed me to for purchase. It was early spring at the time and I procrastinated as usual. A few months later when I went back to refresh my memory I started at hara's website. I'm so glad I did. The website described a company called "sailfit" and said they took care of Hawaii and all international orders. Something intrigued me about sailfit. Maybe the name, sailing is such a part of life here in the mid-Atlantic.

Sailfit is run by an active, creative couple, Meka and Kurt Taulbee out of Clearwater, Florida. They did indeed have an intriguing story to tell. Committed to their children, community, health, wellness and sailing, sailfit's positive outlook and personalized service made me feel really good about purchasing from them.

Of course the real pay off for any product must be in the performance. The most pressing issue, safety was already covered. But that was just the beginning. I'm pleased to report that hara sport delivers. After coming in from a day of sun I have only a slight golden glow.

Hara sport is creamy white from the zinc oxide (20.3%) and goes on smoothly with a bit of rubbing. I definitely like that. It's very easy to see where I've just applied and what's left for me to do, but I don't look like a kabuki doll.

Although hara is unscented there is the very slightest delicious aroma of cocoa butter to remind me of my favorite food, chocolate. Another plus. Unfortunately once applied the aroma doesn't stick around too long. Just like chocolate again!

I loved all the moisturizers. Of the seven ingredients, five moisturize and help resist product break down in water. Moisturizing my skin while also protecting it from harmful rays and the drying effect of garden soil or Atlantic salt water! What a bargain. My skin always feels and looks so good at the end of the day, warm from the sun, moisturized from the sunscreen.
I read in a review somewhere about separation occurring, but I didn't experience any. Realizing I had specifically bought hara sport because it was a safe product without toxic ingredients to keep everything in suspension, I kept my sunscreen in the cooler's top shelf when going for day-long adventures. Potential problem averted! Another plus with this solution is a nice cool sensation when it's time to re-apply.

The only negative I can cough up is that it's only available in a few stores in California and Hawaii so there are shipping costs involved. But now that I know how good it is I'm buying several tubes on the next go round.

Check out sailfit to be completely inspired by what the Taulbee's, parents of two young boys are accomplishing in Florida. Energetic does not even begin to paint the complete picture! If you decide to order from them you should know that if you have trouble ordering through the company's store just email Meka directly.  She's most helpful and you'd never guess how very busy she is from her relaxed, patient demeanor.

If you'd like to learn more about the role of zinc oxide and safety in sunscreen products click here. But please remember, as with any sun protection you have to re-apply after extended sweating, swimming or body surfing. Or every two hours... whichever comes first.