Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Emotion Drives Cosmetic Purchases More Than Utility Of Product: New Study

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Researchers* at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) report emotional responses are the primary reason for cosmetics use.

Cosmetics Trends' reviewed the study and here's a quote: 

"Consumer satisfaction is greatest when the cosmetics brand helps to strengthen positive emotions through the perception of 'caring for oneself' and removing feelings of worry and guilt about not taking care of one's appearance".

But here's the real kicker folks,

"This raises concerns as it suggests that in order for the brand to provide this positive emotional experience, it must first cause consumers to have negative feelings about themselves, such as concern about and dissatisfaction with their appearance."

Anyone surprised to hear this? I'm sure you'd like know more.

Here are a few options for reading a review:

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Thanks to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for bringing this study to my attention.

And below is the information on the study and the scientists involved...

*Apaolaza-Ibañez, Vanessa; Hartmann, Patrick; Diehl, Sandra; Terlutter, Ralf. "Women satisfaction with cosmetic brands: The role of dissatisfaction and hedonic brand benefits". African Journal of Business Management 5(3): 792-802, 2011.