Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flax Seed Gel Update...Make It Last

Just a quick post...

My always detail-oriented husband was watching me mix up a batch of flax seed gel last Sunday. I'd been becoming increasingly- and audibly frustrated with how quickly the gel was turning bad, even being refrigerated.

 "You're not using distilled water for that are you? That's why it goes bad so fast." was all he had to say.

...of course.

I scrapped that batch and started again with a modified recipe. See my Sunday March 20th post for the particulars and substitute 2 cups of distilled water for the filtered water.

So it's been a week. I used the gel this morning and it works just great.

UPDATE!! July 21, 2011 

I just used the gel this morning. It's still fresh after 3 weeks and two days in the fridge.The secret really is keeping it from becoming contaminated.

Using the distilled water was a big help. I've also been really careful to always have clean dry hands (initially anyway), not get any water or stray hair into the container and get it back into the refrigerator ASAP.

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