Monday, April 18, 2011

Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap

It seems like a lifetime ago I lived in Baltimore and made regular pilgrimages to Highlandtown's many wonderful Greek restaurants and grocery stores. Before indulging in Greek salad and Lemon Chicken Soup with a licorice-y Ouzo chaser at the Acropolis Restaurant I'd work up an appetite scouring the stores for goodies only available in Greektown.

One of my favorite buys was a big chunky rectangle of olive green, olive oil soap. That simple bar smelled delicious, lasted forever and worked equally well as a face or body soap. No need for that high-priced special buy from Nordstroms or Macy's for my face to get the special treatment it deserved. Every inch of my skin felt fresh, clean, soft and smooth every time I used that soap. And it seemed to last forever.           
Yet I haven't used it for years. How could I have forgotten how well it worked? I guess each time I was tempted by advertising and its sirens' song of the next great concoction that would bring me closer and closer to looking like the star or model in the ads I moved farther and farther away from such a simple solution to battling the daily grime.
Now in my quest to find safe body care products I'm back to the basics and olive oil soap is back in my life. I found a much smaller but still substantial chunk of the stuff at the local natural food store under the "Kiss My Face" label. Actually there were several Kiss My Face varieties of soap, but only the fragrance-free Pure Olive Oil Soap with its three simple ingredients received a "0" risk score in the Skin Deep database test.

The price for 8 oz. of pure olive goodness? Only $3.33 during the store's weekly "everything 10% off" day. I did see it was also available at Giant, a grocery store particular to the mid-Atlantic region, but the price was higher. If you're not ready to make a commitment to such a hefty bar it also comes in a 4oz. size.

So what follows are the results from the Skin Deep database search. I've taken it directly from the web page as someone else did me the favor of researching the product first. You can use the Skin Deep link two paragraphs "up" to get the results for yourself.

Ingredients:                score:      data gap:           concerns:

0 100%            None Identified
00%            Innocuous
SODIUM CHLORIDE00%             Innocuous

That big green bar looks so right on my old white porcelain soap dish in the bathroom. And I'm loving getting to post a positive review.


  1. Hey Mina, I know you're having trouble getting the ingredients lists from Eminence. I took some pictures of 2 of my Eminence products that have the lists right on the bottles. If you email me I can send them to you, and then you can at least see what's in 2 of the products. Let me know what you think :)

  2. Hi Keyshyra-

    Great idea! Consider it done. Can't wait...