Monday, April 4, 2011

Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser

What I already know about Perricone's Gentle Cleanser- it smells wonderful and works beautifully. My skin can be very dry. But using this cleanser made it feel soft, fresh and a clean kind of moist. One look in the mirror told me feeling was believing. I looked positively dewy. Yeah- it's pricey... but just ask L'Oreál Paris- "I'm worth it", right?

That's how I felt in the old days anyway, before I realized what being worth it really meant. Before I knew that seeing and even feeling isn't enough anymore. Before I understood that every product potentially had hidden costs And if I wasn't careful I'd be building a chemical soup one product full of ingredients at a time. And nobody knows what happens when all those ingredients blend together in my hair, skin, nasal passages...

Since I am worth it I put Gentle Cleanser to the Skin Deep test. Although there were about 15 Perricone products already in the database, this one wasn't. So the results I give you won't be directly searchable online. Skin Deep doesn't publish results until they've reviewed and researched the product on their own. And that's a good thing.

So these results are from my search. As always, I encourage you to do your own research. It's easy. Just enter the name, directions and ingredients here. You may need to develop a profile first, but they'll walk you through the process. It's easy.

My research showed that Gentle Cleanser scored 6 out of a possible 10. Six is the highest level of moderate risk before the product is high risk. Way too risky for me. Gentle Cleanser's headed for the giveaway pile.

Before moving on to the results- If anyone reading this has a recommendation for a good, safe facial cleanser Id really appreciate hearing from you. You can comment here or Twitter me:!/minamosha

last updated: 04/04/11 brand: Perricone MD
Environmental Working Group
PRELIMINARY REPORT: The information on this page was entered by a Skin Deep user and has not been verified by EWG.
Given the incomplete information made available by companies and the government, EWG provides additional information on personal care product ingredients from the published scientific literature. The chart below indicates that research studies have found that exposure to one or more ingredients in this product -- not the product itself -- caused the indicated health effect(s) in the studies reviewed by Skin Deep researchers. Actual health risks, if any, will vary based on the level of exposure to the ingredient and individual susceptibility -- information not available in Skin Deep. Legal Disclaimer

Ingredients in this product are linked to:
noDevelopmental/reproductive toxicity
yesUse restrictions
yesOther concerns for ingredients used in this product:
Neurotoxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Miscellaneous, Multiple, additive exposure sources, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Enhanced skin absorption, Contamination concerns, Occupational hazards

Ingredients from packaging: Water; Decyl Glucoside; Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate;  Cocamidopropyl Betaine (sp); PPG-2 Hydroxyethyl Coco/Isostearamide; PPG-5-Ceteth-10 Phosphate; Glycerin, Polysorbate 20; Citric Acid, PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate; Polyquaternium-10; Dimethyl MEA (DMAE); Fragrance; PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides; Benzophenone-4; Tetrasodium EDTA; Olea Europaea Fruit Oil; Butylene Glycol; Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract; Olea Europaea Leaf Extract; Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil; Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract; Chamomilla Recutita Extract; Methylchloroisothiazolinone; Yellow 5 (CI 19140); Methylisothiazolinone; Red 4 (CI 14700); Green 3 (CI 42053)


  1. Hey Mina, have you ever checked out the Eminence line ( I've tried a few of their products and like them. I checked to see if I could find any info about their stuff on the Cosmetics Database, but they didn't have any info. Maybe you'd like to check them out. I tried their Blueberry Soy Exfoliating Cleanser and really liked it. They use all organic food based products and you could tell by the smell that it's made from real food, no synthetic smells there. Anyways I thought you might be interested, I'd love to hear what you think. Their stuff is a little pricey but worth it and for their moisturizers, the price actually is better than that of what I used to use (a Vichy product). The amount in the container is much more so it lasts way longer and because they give it to you in a concentrate, you add a little water to it and it lasts even longer, my last moisturizer I bought from them lasted for over 6 months and I was sharing it with my hubby too. Anyways, hope you are doing well : )
    Keshyra, AKA Enviromommy

  2. Hi Keshyra-
    So good to get a positive report! I've been in the market for a good product... now there's an understatement! Eminence does sound wonderful. I'll look it up today. If I do a post on it do you mind if I quote you and your review?

    What ever you decide thanks for the suggestion and your review! Hope you're enjoying the upcoming spring and are all well!

  3. Sure you can quote me, thanks for asking. I'd love to hear what you find out about the ingredients and what kind of rating it might have. I've read the ingredients before but maybe there's something I've missed, or hopefully it's as good as I think it is.

  4. I checked out the website and I'm excited about them! Maybe it's just my navigating skills, but I couldn't find full ingredient lists. So I just emailed them for some help...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to do a review soon!

    Thanks again for the suggestion. Their products look really good!