Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunscreen and Gardens

Not much time for browsing the internet right now. Everything important is happening outside. It's one of the nicest Mid-Atlantic springs I've ever experienced.

Yesterday was wonderful! The entire day filled helping my friend Caitie get her vegetable bed ready for the incredible bounty she conjures up every summer.
It just doesn't feel like work when I'm with a friend, the air is clear, the sun shining, a good breeze is blowing and the soil is filled with earthworms and promise.

So much fun and topped off with a challenging surprise! An welcome and exhilarating dip in the roiling, rolling and uncharacteristically white- capped Choptank River! What a fun, bumpy ride.


Just in case a lovely day in the sun might be in the future for you and your family and friends you can be protected from the sun, have fun and avoid toxic chemicals.
Here's a link to the updated Environmental Working Groups' (EWG) Skin Deep  search engine. Thanks to them for all the important work they do on our behalf, and the great picture as well!